TONIGHT at the Petersham Bowling Club

6.30pm Beginner lindy hop
This week we’re in week 5, we’ve pwnd side by side charleston, we are kings and queens of swing outs, etcetera etcetera etcetera. So let’s get into hand to hand charleston, let’s learn a nice meaty step (texas tommy perhaps?), let’s be more awesome.

7.30pm break

8.00pm Intermediate lindy hop
We have a little bit more of the ‘smaller’, more controlled lindy hop to explore, this time with a slightly different rhythm to the circle. A ‘rhythm circle’ if you will. And we still need to master standing still on the spot without rock stepping. It’s on.

Thinking about intermediate classes?


Are you thinking about intermediate classes? If you check our FAQ page,¬†you’ll see this:

“We recommend doing our 6 week beginner course twice before you tackle intermediate classes. We prefer students check with their teachers before beginning the intermediate classes.
Why so strict? We want to be sure everyone has the best learning experience in class.”

Some peeps in the beginner group are beginning to think about intermediate classes, and AliceH, AliceR, Sam, and Laura are all very happy to talk about this with you – grab them in the break.
We only have 2 beginner blocks left in 2015 (inorite?!), so it’s worth making a plan if you’re super keen to start intermediate classes.

NB: If you do start the intermediate class, it is a very good idea (ie we very strongly recommend) continuing with the beginner class as well as the intermediate, as that’s where we do the most important work: learning social dance skills, refining our basic rhythms and core lindy hop steps.

NB2: We don’t run an advanced lindy hop class, but we do have a solo jazz class. Because lindy hop and solo jazz are a team.

Swing dance classes tonight

11062713_1043615588994613_7138552344113215712_nTONIGHT at the Petersham Bowling Club:

6.30pm Beginner lindy hop
We’re in week 4 for beginners, and this week we’ll nail down knitting charleston into our swing outs. Tip: circles vs linear mo
vement, and how a step-step becomes a rock step.

7.30pm break

8.00pm Intermediate lindy hop
We’ll continue with the sort of stuff we did last week – using a small, well-directed rock step to initiate momentum, closed position as a super-powered connection, and simple, beautiful combinations of 6 and 8 counts. Also, standing still on the spot.

It is very on.