Solo jazz tonight



TONIGHT at Solo Jazz in Enmore
7.30pm All-levels vintage jazz dance class

Tonight we go HARD on the fun, with a Big Apple extender class. Anyone can join in – even first time Big Applers. We take what we know about phrasing, about working with a partner, about charleston, about fun, and we extend it to the funnest dance of all time: the Big Apple. Not the routine, the called party game dance.

And because Australia’s Preeminent Big Apple Caller has lost her voice, Laura will be stepping in to bring the learns, assisted by Sam. The called Big Apple is FUN. It also features charleston, which is helpful if you’re working on charleston in beginner classes atm.

TONIGHT at solo jazz


TONIGHT at solo jazz:
7.30pm All-levels vintage jazz dance class
Oh YES, we are back for more funs. This week we use a similar class structure as last week (ie social solo dancing, with a focus on using a small vocabulary of steps to make super-interesting and creative dancing), but we use just one basic step: CHARLESTON.
Yes, if you’re doing lindy hop on Wednesdays, tonight’s solo class is PERFECT for helping you get a handle on charleston before you touch another human!

8.30pm Solo Jazz guided practice
Some peeps are getting ready for the solo jazz comp at SLX 2015 – Sydney Lindy Exchange, so that means practicing jam style dancing: 2 phrases to show off. Everyone is welcome to join in, even if you’re not planning on competing.

When: 7.30pm tonight (Mondays)
Where: St Luke’s Anglican Church Hall, 11 Stanmore Rd, Enmore
Cost: $15 for the class, free practice
What is solo jazz?


Last night we had a very enjoyable class focussing on using simple steps to mark out musical structure. What?
We learnt about phrasing, finding the beat, and finding 1 or 8 in the music. And we used a simple vocabulary of steps to explore these ideas with our bodies. Musical structure: we pwn you.
Best of all, though, we used partner work. Most important thing: dance each step with confidence, as though you are showing your partner a step, and simple is perfect. Don’t try to trick your partner with difficult or confusing movements.
…wait, were we lindy hopping or solo dancing?
For phrasing practice, here is ‘Bearcat Shuffle’ by Andy Kirk and his Twelve Cloud of Joy, featuring Mary Lou Williams on piano.