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Swinging at the PBC with Steve Arié and the Swing Shots


Next party: Swinging at the PBC with Steve Arié and the Swing Shots (9th August 2017).

We're ending our next beginner block with a BANG at the Petersham Bowling Club.

Steve Arié isn't just a budding lindy hopper, he's a jazz musician!

  • When: 6.00pm Doors open
    6.30pm Beginner swing dance class
    7.30pm Live music with Steve Arié and the Swing Shots.
  • Where: Petersham Bowls Club, 77 Brighton St, Petersham.
  • Cost: $20, and that includes a free dance class!

Don't want to dance? That's cool - the PBC has plenty of seating and we'll put the band on the (tiny) stage. These guys are great entertainers, so it's nice just to sit, watch, and enjoy the music.

Wait, who is this Steve Arié?
You might have seen him playing bass in Andrew Dickeson's immensely popular Blue Rhythm Band. But Steve is also a talented sax player and vocalist, leading his own hot and cool jazz bands in Sydney.

Steve makes jazz music, but he's also a lindy hopper and tap dancer. He knows what we like.

(Photo by Mark Seabury.)

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