Little Big Weekend

Swing Dance Sydney welcomes guest teachers Jenny Deurell and Rikard Ekstrand to the Little Big Weekend. They will be joined by special house band, Andrew Dickeson's Blue Rhythm Band.

All right here in Sydney, 13-15 May 2016.


It's not that little. Evening parties, daytime and evening workshops. Little is a misnomer.

Go light with 1 day of workshops for less fatigue and better learning.
Bulk up your weekend with additional special interest classes before, during, and after the weekend.
Live large with live music every night at the parties.


One day of general admission workshops, one teachers' workshop, one solo jazz challenge workshop. The workshops are unique. Taught by skilled instructors who know what they're doing, expect something interesting.


The Little Big Weekend showcases local Sydney social dancing and music to bring dancers the very best parties Sydney can offer.

The Harlem Spoon Lindy Hop Contest

To celebrate the history of lindy hop and the FUN of a live competition, this year the Little Big Weekend hosts its first ever lindy hop contest., the Harlem Spoon.

What's the plan?

Friday 13 May

Saturday 14 May

Sunday 15 May


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The Little Big Weekend is brought to you by Sam Carroll and Swing Dance Sydney.