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swing dance sydney


Start dancing NOW with our fun, friendly classes, right here in Sydney's inner west!


Wednesdays, 6.30pm
(Beginners start 18 Jan, 1 Mar, 12 Apr, 24 May, 5 Jul, 16 Aug, 27 Sep, 8 Nov 2017.)
Petersham Bowls Club, 77 Brighton St, Petersham

TAP DANCE for adults

Tuesdays, 6.30pm
(Beginners start 17 Jan, 28 Feb, 11 Apr, 22 May, 4 Jul, 15 Aug, 26 Sep, 7 Nov 2017.)
Ashfield Presbyterian Church (back hall), cnr Knox and Liverpool Rds, Ashfield.

swing dance sydney


We are all about having fun on the dance floor, whether we're in class or out social dancing. Swing dancing is a great way to meet people, exercise, and enjoy music.

Swing Dance
Learn to partner dance with this relaxed, creative dance from the 1930s and '40s. Meet new people, discover jazz music, and enjoy yourself the dance floor.

Tap Dance
Discover authentic rhythm tap dance in small friendly groups where the focus is on sound skills and solid rhythms.

Vintage Solo Jazz Dance
Express yourself old school style, while getting fit and having fun with historic jazz dance!

Performance Dance
Explore stage craft and vintage performance dance in our occasional performance blocks.

swing dance sydney


Swing and jazz dances are street dances. That means parties, social dancing, and live music! Our classes focus on social dancing skills, getting you ready for the social dance floor.

Swinging at the PBC
Get your first taste of social dancing every 6 weeks, or meet the best local, interstate, and international jazz bands at our occasional live music parties.
(22 Feb, 5 Apr, 17 May, 28 Jun, 9 Jul, 20 Sep, 1 Nov, 12 Dec 2017.)

Discover the music of the music of the swing era at our DJed parties.
(7 Jan, 4 Feb, 11 Feb, 4 Mar, 1 Apr, 6 May, 3 Jun, 1 Jul, 5 Aug, 2 Sep, 7 Oct, 4 Nov, 2 Dec 2017.)

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