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First time?

Join a beginner class in week 1 or 2.

Take just one or two classes, or stay for all six weeks!

No partner needed, wear whatever you like, no dance experience needed.

What is swing dancing?


Classes are currently on break.

We start with simple moves in our beginner classes, and later move on to faster music, more challenging steps, and the excitement of hard core lindy hop.

We teach lindy hop (swing dance) in 6 week beginner blocks. You can start in week 1 or 2 of a block.

There are 3 types of beginner swing dance blocks:

  1. Swing outs and charleston
  2. Swing outs and historical jazz steps
  3. Swing outs and six and eight count rhythms


You don't need a partner, as we rotate partners in class, giving you a chance to meet and dance with lots of people.


Our classes have one goal: getting you social dancing!


We have three rules in Swing Dance sydney Classes:

  1. Take care of the music
  2. Take care of your partner
  3. Take care of yourself

That means we start with swinging jazz music, helping you figure out how it works, how it feels, and what to do with it.

Then we work on partnering skills: how to touch another human, how to lead and follow, how to collaborate and improvise with a friend.

And always, our priority is safe, respectful dancing. Avoid injury, be good to yourself, to your partners, and to everyone in the room.

Extender classes

Our extender classes are open to all dancers. Yes, even brand new dancers.

If you're still in your first year of lindy hop, we ask you to take the beginner class that night as well. We'll cover all the essential skills required for the extender class in that beginner class.

Not sure you're ready? Check with your teachers.

Extender classes build on the basic steps and skills introduced in the beginner blocks.

You'll use your watch-and-learn, and learn-by-experimenting skills to explore the wider world of lindy hop!


A truly great dancer has a good time social dancing with anyone, no matter their experience or skills. In our extender classes, we work on being a responsive partner, refining our communication and partnering skills.

New Skills?

In extender classes we level up our musicianship.
That means asking ourselves questions like:
How do musicians improvise at the same time without causing chaos?
What's a phrase? Standard time? Does this swing or is it straight?
How can we tell if this is Count Basie or Duke Ellington?

...and how do we do all this as dancers?

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More questions?

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