Harlem with George Swellington's Splendid Six

Harlem LIVE with Swellington's Splendid Six (7 January 2017)

Next party: Harlem LIVE with Swellington's Splendid Six (7 January 2017)

We're getting serious with a live music at our monthly Harlem party.

We feel like live music, band leader Lucian McGuiness is back in town, so we're having a live music at Harlem.

  • When: 8.30pm Doors open, Saturday 7th January 2017.
  • Where: Ashfield Polish Club, 73 Norton St, Ashfield.
  • Cost: $25.

Don't want to dance? That's cool - the club has plenty of seating, and you can even enjoy a nice dinner from the venue restaurant while you watch the band. These guys are great entertainers, so it's nice just to sit, watch, and enjoy the music.

Wait, who are Swellington's Splendid Six?
Band leader George Swellington (aka Lucian McGuiness) has been leading his band the Splendid Six at dance events all over Europe, most recently at the Roffaswing Balboa festival. Based in Amsterdam, Lucian has access to some of the best jazz musicians and dance scenes in the world. And he's a Sydney boy, home for the holidays.

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