• Jazz BANG
  • May 2020
  • Lindy hop and balboa workshops, parties, competitions.
  • Jazz with Ramona
  • October 2020
  • Lindy hop and solo jazz workshops, parties, and performances with Ramona Staffeld.

workshops v classes?

Longer sessions, special teachers, more challenges. On the weekend.

Workshops are a great way to deepen your learning, and to experiment with new ideas, steps, and dance styles.

swing dance sydney


8-10 May 2020

Lindy hop and balboa workshops with a strong focus on jazz history.

Live music, parties, and competitions.

swing dance sydney

Jazz with Ramona

A whole day of solo jazz workshops, parties, and performances with one of the finest jazz dancers of this generation, Ramona Staffeld.

What to expect

  1. A solid day or longer session focussed on more intensive learning;
  2. Participants come ready to do some work, and usually leave with a head full of ideas and goals;
  3. Special guest teachers, or local teachers exploring their specialities;
  4. Themed sessions with a particular focus or interesting structure;
  5. Workshop weekends include parties and social dancing - because that's why we do classes and workshops!

Previous events

Our events have featured guest teachers guest teachers Jenny Shirar and Christian Frommelt (USA); Sylvia Sykes and Blake Thiessen (USA); Sylvia Sykes and Adam Speen (USA), Marie N'diaye and Anders Sihlberg (Sweden); Jenny Deurell and Rikard Ekstrand (Sweden); Lennart Westerlund (Sweden); Georgia Brooks and Kieran Yee (Melbourne), Ramona Staffeld (USA/Melbourne); and Ryan Campbell-Birch (UK/Sydney).

swing dance sydney

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