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swing dance workshops


We run occasional weekend workshops with local and guest teachers. These days are a great way to deepen your learning, and to experiment with new ideas, steps, and dance styles. And because social dancing is the whole point of every class, we match our workshops with evening parties.

Our regular workshop events include:

Our recent workshop events have included the 5 Little Big Weekends (most recently with Jenny Deurell and Rikard Ekstrand (Sweden)); and JazzBANG with Marie N'Diaye (France/Sweden) and Lennart Westerlund (Sweden).

Sam Carroll has been running large swing dance events since 2001, and brings a wealth of knowledge to our weekend events.

jazz dance workshops

Saturday Swing Session

Our Saturday sessions offer you a chance to get some weekend learning. Our teachers take you through a different subject each session, from beginner lindy hop consolidation to advanced solo jazz.

What does a Saturday Swing Session offer?

  • A two and a half our session for an intensive (but not too intensive) afternoon of class;
  • Themed sessions to take advantage of the Swing Dance Syndney teachers' specialities;
  • Harlem in the evening so you can take your new skills for a spin on the social dance floor.

The Little Big Weekend

The Little Big Weekend is our annual or bi-annual workshop and party weekend, where we host the best teachers and bands we can find, and invite everyone to join us.

What does The Little Big Weekend offer? Just one day of workshops, a heap of evening parties, great live music, and...

  • Mixed level classes:
    Asking participants to focus on social dancing skills, rather than dancing through set steps.

  • Capped workshops:
    Small numbers for better learning.

  • Teachers Stream:
    See how other teachers put theory into practice in both workshop and regular class settings. Combine the teachers' workshop on Sunday; Saturday's general workshops; and one or two of our regular beginner classes.

  • I Just Want To Dance Stream:
    Learn from our guest teachers in one concentrated day of classes, and round out your weekend with some solid social dancing.
jazz dance workshops

Jazz with Ramona

Ramona Staffeld is one of the highest profile, and best respected lindy hoppers and authentic jazz dancers of our generation. And she's based in Melbourne. We bring Ramona to Sydney every year so we can a) get our jazz learns on, and b) enjoy lots of lovely live jazz music together.

What does Jazz with Ramona offer?

  • One whole day of solo jazz workshops with Ramona;
  • Ramona teaching beginner and intermediate lindy hop classes on Friday evening;
  • A Friday evening party with live music;
  • A Saturday evening party with live music.

Tap with Ryan

We take advantage of tap dancer Ryan Campbell-Birch's visit to Sydney, with a series of afternoon beginner tap workshops.

What does Tap With Ryan offer? Just one day of workshops. No fuss, no mess, just good, solid rhythm dancing fun.

These workshops focus on the essentials of rhythm tap: solid technique, classic choreography, and jam session fun and improvisation.

Designed for new tappers, these workshop afternoons complement our Tuesday evening beginner tap dance classes.

swing dance workshops


What's different about workshops?

  • A solid day or longer session focussed on more intensive learning;

  • Participants come ready to do some work, and usually leave with a head full of ideas and goals;

  • Special guest teachers, or local teachers exploring their specialities;

  • Themed sessions with a particular focus or interesting structure;

  • Workshop weekends include parties and social dancing - because that's why we do classes and workshops!

Black and white photo by Andy Firth.

Colour photo of Jenny and Rikard by Eddy Gill.

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