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  • Swing Dance Sydney's relaxed classes are aimed at getting you out on the social dance floor, having fun and meeting people. So we use principles of natural movement in our low-pressure, accessible classes.
  • We dance because we love the music, and the music is GREAT.
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About Swing Dance Sydney

Our Teachers

Swing Dance Sydney boasts some of the most experienced and talented dancers in Sydney on our staff. And all of them are serious about having fun.
Our teachers travel regularly to develop their own dancing and teaching skills, and Swing Dance Sydney conducts frequent teacher training sessions, to be sure we are at the swinging edge of jazz dance.


Sam Carroll


Sam discovered lindy hop in 1998, teaching in 2002, and she hasn't stopped for a breath yet. She's a great fan of Whitey's Lindy Hoppers and Frankie Manning, she adores eccentric solo dance (the weirder the better), and she's nuts about Leon James.

Sam has a long professional history in the jazz dance world. She DJs each year in Sweden, Korea, and all over Australia, and has been involved in running some of the largest dance events in Australia.



Alice discovered lindy hop in 2006, and she has a reputation as one of the most focussed and talented solo jazz dancers in Australia.

She brings an attention to detail and sound techniqe that gives students the skills to explore their creative limits. But she is not as serious as this makes her sound: she thinks jazz dancing should be ridiculous and fun.



Laura's teaching motto is borrowed from her primary school teaching: 'safe respectful learning'. And this is her only rule.

Laura takes an exacting approach to dance, but she doesn't have any patience with long, boring speeches. She wants you up and dancing, so that she can be up and dancing too.



Bec is passionate about vintage dance and vintage fashion. And dance battles. Her approach to teaching can be sumarised by her favourite question: "What do you think we should try now?" Bec lives to try new things, and she is the first to say YES when someone has a suggestion.



Pete loves to dance. A keen street dancer (think hip hop as well as lindy hop), Pete can think of nothing better than jamming with friends on the dance floor. Then going off to a very good dinner.
For Pete, the music comes first, and the most important thing is to find our own groove.



Charles is a hardcore hoofer who taps every day, cares strongly about coffee, and doesn't see why we can't put a bit of syncopation in that.

about swing dance

Swing Dance

We teach Lindy hop in our swing dance classes!

Our classes teach you to dance with another person, and to develop your own, personal style. We focus on old music and dance, but bring a new, fresh approach to lindy hop.

Lindy hop was the most popular swing dance of the 1930s and 40s. It's a partner dance, and you would probably recognise it for the crazy aerials and flips. But most lindy hoppers today are all about connecting with a partner on the dance floor, and on enjoying the exciting, fun music of the swing era.

Swing Dance Sydney focusses on the original dancers of the swing era for their inspiration - people like Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, Leon James, Dawn Hampton, and Al Minns. We believe that dancing should be fun first, and serious second. But that doesn't mean you can't be really serious about fun :D

Check out this footage of Frankie Manning and Whitey's Lindy Hoppers in the film Hellzapoppin'.

about solo jazz

Solo Jazz Dance

Dancing alone is great for improving fitness, balance, and coordination. But more importantly - it's crazy fun!

Soft shoe, black bottom, charleston, tranky do, the big apple...dancing alone was just as popular as partner dancing in the swing era!

Solo dance is the heart of lindy hop, and old time dancers like Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, Al Minns, and Leon James couldn’t imagine lindy hopping without a grounding in solo dance. We take our inspiration from historic dancers like Bessie Dudley, Florence Hill, Josephine Baker, and Bill Robinson. Today solo jazz dance is hugely popular, and the best lindy hoppers in the world are all enthusiastic solo dancers.

Check out Bessie Dudley and Florence Hill dancing with Duke Ellington's band in this short film.

That means: old timey fun.

You'll learn historic steps and rhythms that no one else teaches in Sydney, you'll get to know the structures of jazz music, and you'll discover the fun of social solo dancing!

about swing dance

Rhythm Tap

One of the greats in the jazz dance family, tap bridges the divide between musician and dancer.

Our beginner classes take a simple, rhythm-first approach to tap dance.

Swing Dance Sydney celebrates the history of rhythm tap and dancers like Fayard and Harold Nicholas, Bunny Briggs, Mable Lee, and Cora LaRedd.

Tap is an important member of the jazz dance family, and while the Swing Dance Sydney tap classes are lots of fun, they also ask you to work hard. We dance tap as an improvised jazz dance, not a stage show, and our guest tap performers sit in with our bands, as another musician.
Join these classes to extend your solo jazz and lindy hop skills, to exercise with friends, or just to get out and make some really LOUD noises.

Check out this footage of the Nicholas Brothers in the film Stormy Weather.