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Safety at Swing Dance Sydney

Getting Help - Statement of Intent - Code of Conduct - Alcohol Policy - Sexual Harassment Policy

Getting help

If you need help, if you are injured and require medical attention, if you fear for your safety or feel threatened, or if you would like to make the organisers aware of inappropriate behaviour, contact:

Don’t hesitate: we have your back.

Statement of Intent

We believe in jazz music and dance. We believe in the best throw-down, heart-stopping lindy hop, and that every song should be a solid sender that makes you leap to your feet. We believe that every dancer and musician has a right to good feels.

We are stepping UP. We do not tolerate harassment or bullying, and are actively working to prevent sexual harassment in the swing dance scene.

You are WITH us on this. In joining us on the dance floor or agreeing to work with us as a teacher, DJ, musician, sound engineer, volunteer, performer, or event manager, you agree to treat all participants with care and respect and to abide by our code of conduct. You also accept that young people should to be respected, and minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Code of Conduct

Alcohol Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy.

What counts as sexual harassment?

The Australian Human Rights Commision defines sexual harassment as including:

How does this relate to dancing?

How do I avoid sexually harassing someone?

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