Little Big Weekend


We take evening dances very seriously at the Little Big Weekend. So you can be sure of having serious fun. The bands are the best you'll find in Australia, and the program is designed to have you swinging out. Sydney dancers are known for turning up at parties on time and dancing hardcore. We invite you to join us, and bring your A-game.

Friday 5 May

Sharon's Dance

Sharon's Dance

Friday 5 May, doors open 8.00pm, Andrew Dickeson's Blue Rhythm Band, Amera's Palace, 314 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville (MAP), $30 (incl. with Everything & Party Passes).

Sharon's been running parties for dancers for about one hundred years (twenty), and she knows what she likes (jazz). You'll like what she likes, too: live music, social dancing, and good company on the first night of the Little Big Weekend 2017.

We will be introducing the band members, our guest teachers, and each other, so dress comfortably, and come ready to socialise. And dance. There will be some serious dancing.

Saturday 6 May



Saturday 6 May, doors open 8.30pm, Andrew Dickeson's Jazz Family Band at Harlem, Ashfield Polish Club ballroom, 73 Norton St, Ashfield (MAP), $40 (incl. with Everything & Party Passes).

Balboa's in town: let's do this properly.
We take advantage of the Polish Club Ballroom's raised seating, expansive dance floor, and full stage to bring you a night of dinner and dancing. Dress to impress, in the best tradition of 1930s and 40s night clubs, find a table, and prepare yourself for a night of solid, swinging jazz.

The Little Big Weekend is not resting on its musical laurels. We are stepping up, inspired by the ballrooms and night clubs of LA and Harlem, balboa and lindy hop.

Andrew Dickeson will be presenting his usual Blue Rhythm Band combo, BUT he will also be leading his musicians in a second band inspired by Benny Goodman.

What does this mean for you?
A little something for everyone: higher tempos, lower tempos, all swinging like a well-oiled gate. A dance floor that's broad and smooth as a dining table. A night that is guaranteed to send you home with happy feet.

Harlem was Sam and Sharon's baby in 2014 and it prides itself on the best jazz dance for jazz dancing in Sydney. Put these claims to the test at the biggest party of the weekend.

Dress to impress, enjoy the full bar and restaurant, catch a train to Ashfield station or park off-street in the Club's lot or on local streets.

Sunday 7 May

Swinging at the PBC

House Party

Sunday 7 May, doors open 6.00pm, Andrew Dickeson's Blue Rhythm Band, Ruby's Dance Hall, 14 Cadogan St, Marrickville (MAP).
$30 at the door, or included with the Everything and Party Passes.
Casual dress, BYO, $30 (incl. with Everything & Party Passes).

We close the weekend with an evening of conversation, live music, and DANCING.

Our guest musicians and teachers will lead us in a discussion of jazz music and dance, then we'll dance until we're too tired to walk. Or until the club enforces the noise restrictions.

The Blue Rhythm Band is a barrelhouse band perfect for a venue known for its barrels of local beers. This venue is small, but it will be packed tightly with good music, good food, good conversation and of course, very good dancing.

Dress casually, come early enjoy a no-holds-barred party with the best live music and no commitments.

Please note...

Sydney bottle shops do not sell alcohol after 11pm. Our Friday and Sunday venues are BYO, but our Saturday venue has a full bar and bistro. As noted in our Alcohol Policy, supply of alcohol to minors (under 18s) is illegal in NSW.

We are serious about safety at all our events. If you need a ride to or from an event, are concerned about the behaviour or safety of another dancer (or yourself), or would like to draw our attention to a safety hazard, do not hesitate to contact a person at the door.