What's different this year?

We add a second stream of workshops on Saturday: balboa.
We have two teaching couples: Marie and Anders (lindy hop), and Kate and Bobby (balboa).
There are more extra classes before and after the weekend.
Sharon and Sam, jazz collaborators, are your two event managers.

Lindy hop + balboa = jazz.

Rooted in the same, swinging jazz music, lindy hop and balboa were born to be together. This year we present a weekend of the best music, and the very best dances we know. And you're invited.

What're the most important parts of this event?

  • Taking care of the music.
  • Taking care of yourself, taking care of your partner.
  • Dancing to excess.
  • Having strong opinions about jazz.
  • Making new friends on and off the dance floor.
  • The music.

Who manages the Little Big Weekend?

Sharon and Sam

The 2017 Little Big Weekend is managed by Sam Carroll (Swing Dance Sydney) and Sharon Hanley (Swing Time Australia), and put into action by a team of local managers and volunteers.

This mostly means that everyone we spoke to about the weekend volunteered an opinion.

Sam and Sharon have years of experience running dance events, teaching classes, DJing, performing, competing, and social dancing. They have worked together on projects in the past, and are finally going large with a big weekend project.

They have different dance interests. Sam digs the Harlem roots of lindy hop, Sharon's into the LA history of swing. Sam loves solo jazz, Sharon is all about the balboa.
But they both love lindy hop, and they both love good, solid, swinging jazz. It's the music that brings them together, and the joy of a shared dance floor.

Dance events run on people power, and we have the very finest people involved in The Little Big Weekend. It's hard to pin everyone down, but we have about 38 people on the team. And they are all hard working, creative, and quite excellent fun.

Managers: Rosanna Afford, Merilyn Pidgeon, Rosey Stewart, Krystel Seidel, Nathan Toussaint, Squish Falzone.
Staff: Michael Jones, Satya Lily, Chiara Balsamo, Kate Davison, Priya Chakma, Ange Coris, Emma Smadbeck, Milton Lai, Dave Budden.
Competition managers Bea Triz, Haofang Han, Sharon Hanley.
MC: Shaz Callaghan, Georgia Brooks. Chauffeur: Craig Bryan.
Hosts: Rosey Stewart, Alistair Stewart, Rebecca Kummerhoff, Rebecca’s mum and dad, Vince and his family.
Important support crew: Vince Grima, Dave Cheney, Dave, Vic.
Sound: Dave from Atomic PA.
Band leader: Andrew Dickeson.
Teachers: Marie N'diaye, Anders Sihlberg, Kate Hedin, Bobby White.
Musicians: Georgia Brooks (vocals), Bradford Child (sax, clarinet), Peter Locke (piano), Mark Elton (bass), Glenn Hendrich (vibes), Bob Henderson (trumpet), Chuck Morgan (guitar).
DJs: Justine Kinkade, Alice Roberts, Sam Carroll.

Swing Dance Sydney

Swing Dance Sydney is a group of humans with a very great passion for jazz music and dance. They teach regular lindy hop, rhythm tap, and solo jazz classes, they run regular parties with live and DJed music, and occasional workshop weekends.

Swing Dance Sydney focuses on African American jazz dances of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, and celebrates the Harlem roots of lindy hop.

Swing Time Australia

Swing Time Australia have been serving up lindy hop, rock n roll, and balboa classes in Sydney for 17 years. Sharon Hanley is one of the most experienced teachers, dancers, and organisers in Sydney, and she leads a crew of teachers and performers who are not only very well dressed, but also committed to good, solid fun.

Swing Time Australia focuses on the east coast history of swing era dances.


Swing Dance Sydney is very much committed to equity in the jazz dance and music world. They are leaders in developing Codes of Conduct and broader strategies for preventing and responding to sexual harassment. Their projects actively encourage diversity and equity in dance, and they are always prepared to act when people need help.

Swing Time Australia's long history as an organising and teaching body give it unparalleled experience in managing people safely.

Both groups are made up of caring people, who have your back during the weekend. If you need help during the Little Big Weekend, please consult our Safety page.