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Performance Class

Performance Classes

Lindy hop and jazz dance were also performance dances, and in this class we get a taste of the performance process from audition to show time.

This class:

  • Works at an intermediate or higher level;
  • Takes you through the whole performance process from auditions, through learning a routine and developing stage craft, to a final performance;
  • Focuses on historic lindy hop performance and tradition;
  • Is a class, not a performance troupe, so the emphasis is on learning and fun;
  • Helps you develop the skills to join a performance group, or start your own;
  • Does all this in a relaxed, friendly environment, without the pressures of a professional performance team.


Class schedule:

  • Audition
  • Classes (6 week block)
  • Performance to an audience of your (supportive and nice) friends.


  • Audition: free;
  • Each class: $15 (or 6 for $75 with a 6 class pass)
  • Performance: free (though you'll need to pay entry to the party)

Required commitment:

  • Attending audition;
  • Attending 5 out of the 6 weeks' classes (learning choreography and stage craft);
  • Participation in the performance.
swing dance performance classes


All are welcome to attend and experience the audition process, even if they are not able to commit to the performance, however they will need to make that clear on their application form.

What happens in an audition?

  • Dancers audition as individuals.
  • Dancers are taught a short routine in the session (they don't have to prepare anything for the audition.)
  • The format will include both social dancing and taught sequences.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes that you can confidently move in.

Swing Dance Sydney takes safety seriously. Please drink water regularly, stop immediately if you feel unsafe or any pain, and do not attempt any move which makes you feel unsafe.

Do not dance any air steps, lifts, or tricks in this audition.

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